Welcome to my internet home. It’s nice here, isn’t it?

I lead growth marketing at Gun.io, where we work to make hiring great developers (and getting hired by great technology companies) accessible to all. I’m passionate about making business, startups, and technology less stuffy and exclusive.

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I co-created a podcast about jobs with Maria Saab, which you can find here. It’s called What’s A Job, which is a question I can’t promise we’ll answer, but we will certainly make it clear that none of us—even the people we idolize—have it all figured out.

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You can find me on Twitter or say hey at hi@faithbenson.com.

I am currently closed to job offers and consulting opportunities, but if you’re looking to hire, I might know someone—just send me a note.

Libby Danforth took all of my headshots. If you live in Nashville, you should hire her.